American Forest Foundation - Farm Bill Update 11/30/2018

American Forest Foundation - Farm Bill Update 11/30/2018

12/3/18, 1:02 PM

The House and Senate leaders have reached an agreement on the 2018 Farm Bill!

While the bill is being finalized, and the total cost of the bill is being estimated, the details are being kept confidential.  Even still, this is especially good news because, as you’ve likely heard, there has been much debate over whether we could expect to see a bill before the new Congress.  Some hotly-debated public lands provisions in the forestry title had most recently threatened the success of the legislation, and the final negotiations this week were focused heavily on resolving those differences.

While we don’t have much clarity on what is included in the bill, we’re hearing promising reports that many Forests in the Farm Bill Coalition priorities will be included.

Updates will follow.