Appalachain Hardwood Product Comparison

Appalachain Hardwood Product Comparison

11/20/18, 8:25 AM

You could buy real, natural Appalachian Hardwood. Or you could buy a cheap, dangerous, and internationally made alternatives.  Appalachian Hardwood provides an array of health, financial, environmental, and aesthetic benefits that imitations simply can’t provide. In recent years, imported laminates have been linked to dangerous levels of compounds ranging between 7-20 times higher than the U.S. EPA legal amount.

This was brought to light in a 60 Minutes report when a company was exposed for knowingly selling these hazardous imported laminate products. Despite the risk of leaking noxious gases into the home’s air supply, the company allegedly sold imported laminates with false California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification stickers, now the EPA’s legal standard which has been adopted by North American plywood manufacturers.

The truth of the matter is, buyers are not aware of the implications that these artificial products may carry. High levels of harmful chemicals have been discovered in glues in imported laminate and wood substitutes, along with dozens of other synthetic chemicals and compounds. Solid Appalachian Hardwood contains natural compounds that can last for centuries when manufactured properly.

Appalachian Hardwood provides real, authentic hardwood from the mountains between Georgia and New York. Renowned for the quality and consistency of its grains, the strength of its fibers, and the character and depth of its color and characteristics, Appalachian Hardwood becomes solid wood products with distinct individuality.

Don’t leave your future up to chance. Invest in solid Appalachian Hardwood – Know what’s in your home.