Timber Sale Administration
  • Determine landowner objectives

The first step in a timber sale is to consult with the landowner and determine the goals they would like to achieve through a harvest. Harvest recommendations can then be made by the forester based upon sound silvicultural knowledge. Once a plan is determined, we will cruise and mark the timber in accordance with these objectives. Sale boundary lines, landings, roads, skid trails, and special considerations will be identified as well.

  • Develop a sale prospectus

We then develop a sale prospectus which outlines the figures of the timber, maps of the property and all special considerations. The prospectus will then be mailed out to all potential buyers, and they must submit a bid amount within a designated date and time. The bidding process helps ensure that you are receiving the highest market value for your timber asset.

  • Obtain performance bond

A performance bond will be required from the buyer and must be submitted before they extract the timber. This bond will be held until all contractual obligations have been met and the logging site has been cleaned up properly.

  • Monitor the timber sale from start to finish

We will carefully monitor the timber sale from start to finish. This will include frequent site visits and open communication between all parties. We will make certain that your property is taken care of in an environmentally sound fashion. Timber payment will be made in full before timber harvesting commences.